Paper Islands
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The Miami Collection
The Whitney Lump Nubbins
Paper Plants in the Wild
Paper Forest — Short Film
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Black and White Exquisite Plant Collages
Lump Nubbin Islands
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The Gowanus Collection
Outdoor Paper Plants
CHIAOZZA at Vox Populi
Projection Hut
Sticks and Stones
Furniture Objects
Puddle Platforms
Fake Spring
Lump Nubbins
Bouncy Ball Curtain
Feng Shui Collages
Paper Plants
CSA+D Sculptures
A Controlled Wild
Desert Plants
Design in Full Colour
Pancake Prints
Exquisite Plant Collages
Willow Hut
Plant Shop
The Parlour Bathroom Collection
Sea Sculptures
Paper Plant Character Studies
Charred Desert Plants
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